Meeting Times

12-Step Discussion Meeting
8:00 PM
Women's 12-Step Discussion Meeting
6:15 PM
12-Step Discussion Meeting
8:00 PM
12&12 Text Study
5:00 PM
12-Step Women's Meeting
Step Study
10:00 AM

Welcome to Alice's House!

Alice's House


Alice's engages in educational, charitable, and social welfare activities connected with the habilitation and rehabilitation of women suffering from chemical dependency. The core of this program is a staffed 24-hour 12-step recovery program for women who wish to recover from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Since recovery needs vary for each person, Alice's develops a personal plan to support all aspects of recovery—physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Alice's was imagined into being in 2000 by a group of individuals who had seen among their own family, neighbors, and friends the destructive power that drug and alcohol abuse can have over the lives of women. Experiencing the frustration of finding nowhere to turn for a solution to the problem of post-treatment care, they chose to become a part of the solution for women trapped in chemical dependency.

Unique to Alice's is a facility ready and able to welcome single mothers working on their sobriety who are seeking to reunite with their children under the age of six. One of only a handful of such facilities in the State of Indiana, Alice's will be the only place of its kind serving women in Porter County.

Structure and supervision are the keys to successful transition from a life of addiction to a life of sobriety. Alice's will provide twenty-four hour supervision, in-house counseling, shared family meals, and the opportunity to attend both open and closed meetings of Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous (AA and NA).

When wome leave rehabilitation and treatment, too often they have nowhere to go except back into the situations that encouraged their addiction in the first place. They are desperate for a place where there's someone there helping them over the rough spots—day or night. Alice's can be that place for them.